Score to "For Family's Sake" Completed


Thanks to the opportunity from award-winning director, Sam Shaib, the score to "For Family's Sake" is now complete and this makes our fourth collaboration.  We have developed a wonderful shorthand for achieving magical results when it comes to scoring his films.The subject matter in "For Family's Sake" deals with controversial issue of honor in the traditional Muslim household especially when a young girl is suspected of dating someone other than a Muslim.  This film sheds light as to what occurs in such instances.  Unfortunately, tragedy, more often than not, tends to be the outcome for these poor, innocent girls who have been raised within Western society.The score at its core is very simple, and uses organic elements such as strings, duduk, and I decided to accentuate the organic elements with synth elements which brought a modern feel to this very modern drama.  Although inspired by traditional Muslim instruments, Sam and I determined that a modern approach to scoring the film would be the most appropriate."For Family's Sake" will receive its world premiere in Miami on Monday, December 16th and then it will start the film festival circuit.  Lastly, the film will act as the voice and shed light to the memories of the innocent victims.Thank again to Sam Shaib and the entire "For Family's Sake" team for making this film a reality.  Bravo to all![retweet][facebook]