Happy Fall Dear Friends!Just wanted to share some great late September news after a very hot summer!

  • Ode In Blood received its Los Angeles premiere at the Directors Guild of America.  The venue is state-of-the-art, so the film looked incredible on the big screen, and the music sounded amazing.  Big thanks to my friends and colleagues who helped me out on the score:  Les Brockmann, scoring engineer;  Brian Cho, assistant/orchestrator/additional music; Peter Rotter, music contractor for getting me MB Gordy, an incredible percussionist who played taiko, hand percussion, shakers, and other cool African and Japanese percussion, and Chris Bleth, who played  shakuhachi and a myriad of other ethnic flutes for our score.  Also, the wonderful Jennifer Walton who provided a wonderful string section and violin solo, and Max Mueller a good friend, and talented cellist - you can listen to his handiwork on the Ode In Blood score as well.  It was a long road getting here, which started in November 2012, but listening to the audience reaction and thundering applause, I think Ode In Blood gain some notoriety in the film festival circuit.  Again, a big, super-giant thank you to Rea Rangaka, director of Ode In Blood, and Maura Blake Kelly, producer extraordinaire, who allowed me to share my musical voice on this beautiful story.
  • Fracture, a surrealist stop-motion animation film directed by Greg Nicolayeff, was sent to various film festivals, including Sundance.  The music for this film was experimental and thanks to Greg's creative vision, I was able to experiment and record some very cool and strange instruments to create the score.  Looking forward to the premiere of Fracture in L.A. very soon.  More news as it develops.
  • Been asked to score a mobile video game that will be released by early 2014 on all mobile gaming platforms like iPhone/iPad/Apple products, Kindle/Android products.  It's an action/adventure genre, and promises to kick some ass!  Very excited to be working with Catalo Interactive on creating an exciting and fun-filled game score that will enrich the gamer's experience.  More news on this soon as it develops!
  • Excited to be attending American Film Market in Santa Monica in November.  The entire film industry congregates to discuss the buying and selling of film products, so it's a great networking event for all involved in the filmmaking process, from pre-production to post-postproduction.  Managed to line up a few meetings with key directors and producers of films I'm interested in pursuing, so I'm excited to be attending.

Being a composer is much like riding a wave; there are peak moments and then moments of utter calm.  Very glad things are picking up again, and truly excited to be working on some great projects with some very creative individuals.Thank you all for your continued love and support.  Keep creating![retweet] [twitter name="@nrepetto"][facebook]