Recording Session at The Hit Factory


Yesterday afternoon, I had my first recording session of some my portfolio music cues played by live orchestra players.  We had 38 musicians with headphones, click track, and also double tracked the strings for a full, rich string sound.  I received positive comments about the my music from the musicians which is always a great confidence booster.  It was wonderful to work with many talented players.  My sound engineer, Vas Shalishov, did an excellent job with the ProTools rig at The Hit Factory.  This is the same studio where the music for the Jackie Gleason Show, the BeeGees,  and Michael Jackson were all recorded.  It was a great place to record in rich with 40 years of history and I was extremely happy with the staff and facilities.  Check out their site here.Mixing for my five pieces will commence this week, so I'll be very excited to present my cues as soon as they are ready.  The final mix should sound fantastic.Please stay tuned![facebook][retweet]