Destination: Los Angeles!


The time has come to take that final step and like the pioneers of yesteryear and head West for new opportunities, for new chances, and a new life. I have planned this moment for a very long time, everything from getting the necessary inspiration from watching Lord of the Rings especially the Shire scene with Frodo and Gandalf while listening to the music (that was the necessary moment that propelled me to compose even more rather than just dabble), then researching the world of film scoring like crazy until I stumbled upon Hummie Mann's Pacific Northwest where I learned so much about being a film composer from what type of equipment is necessary to making the right connections in order to be successful.Later on, I purchased my MacPro with a decent sample library, a few mics, and with my creativity on-hand, I started looking for work. Luckily, I met some great directors and other creatives this past year and a half, and I was able to put my talents to work and focus on becoming the best at scoring. The only competition I had was with myself as I got started in this field. I was able to score two short films (more are in the pipeline), 13 commercials, and compose the music for a live demo of my music, orchestrate/copy the parts, contract the musicians, conduct the musicians, and sit-in in the mixing session with my wonderful engineer, Vas Shalashov. Each of these events were due to a combination of luck, perspiration, inspiration, and hard-work.My hope is to keep this momentum going in Los Angeles as I build the necessary network of like-minded creatives in order to keep my accomplishments going. This road to film scoring success will not be an easy one - all emerging film composers should know this. There are so many composers out there than there are jobs. External factors like personality, charm, networking skills, and a myriad of non-composing skills are extremely to"make" it. As an outsider going into the LA film scoring scene, this is my intial impression. Of course, this may change as I start living in the city.I'm also very excited to try out everything LA has to offer from all hiking I will do to all free, and awesome, cultural events that are waiting for me to discover!  I'm planning to keep a weekly vlog of what it's like to live as an emerging composer in LA and hopefully I'll have some great news to report from time to time. I'm very excited to do this and to pursue this great opportunity.  My parents have been a tremendous help all throughout this transition period - from moving to providing solid encouragement - I can't and WILL NOT let them down.  They are my inspiration since they literally have worked their asses off to provide for my brother and I - we are totally indebted to them.  Love you mom and dad!!This is a very exciting time for me and I will savor every waking moment of this incredible experience.Thank you to everyone who's sharing this journey with me - you ROCK!![facebook][retweet]