Solo flute piece in the works with flutist, Carol Naveira Nicholson

This evening I sat to dinner with a good friend, Carol Naveira Nicholson.I met Carol back at Beach High when I was a freshman.  My late orchestra director, Reginald Nicholson, was her husband.  He introduced me to her and she was kind enough to read through some Mozart Flute quartets with me and some of my friends.  When I heard her play, I was enchanted by her tone and expression.  I always mentioned this to her when we've reconnected in the past through orchestra rehearsals and concerts.Tonight, I approached and asked her if she was interested in performing a flute piece I am writing for solo flute and chamber orchestra and she said YES!  Our dinner meeting lasted hours and this initial project turned into many different projects.  She is a wonderful person, and musician.  It's an honor to write this piece for Carol and in remembrance of her late husband and a great musician, my teacher and friend, Mr. Reginald Nicholson.In the coming weeks and months, I will post about the pieces's progress, highlight themes that I'll be using, show video clips of Carol and I discussing the flute's many musical possibilities and much more.  It's going to be a great experience![facebook][retweet]