Score to The Plural of Blood wins Silver Medal (Outstanding Achievement) from the Global Music Awards!


We received word over the weekend that the score to The Plural of Blood won a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement from the Global Music Awards!!! We are beyond thrilled and I wish to thank director Mary-Lyn Chambers, and producers Monica Lawson and Roxy Shih for being so incredibly supportive!!


When one incident triggers a storm, we realize we are more connected than we think.


Diana is a successful African American event producer living in Los Angeles. Disappointing her mother, she marries Alejandro, a Latino police officer. Very much in love, they find themselves on the verge of adopting a son. Their world unravels when Alejandro finds himself amid a fatal shooting.

About the Score

The score combines choral elements with synth elements to create the textural and ambient undertones that surround our main characters which help achieve a sense of connectivity. The Plural of Blood main theme is sung by a child soloist accompanied by a small chorus of sopranos and altos to signify Diana's child. The haunting theme sets the tone and mood for the rest of the film as their world slowly begins to unravel.Click on the player below to listen to highlights from The Plural of Blood Score:[retweet][facebook]

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