Score to ODE IN BLOOD delivered


The score to Ode In Blood has been completed.  Director Rea Rangaka wanted a fusion of Japanese, African, and Western elements in the score to give the film the international flavor it deserved.  The instrumentation included shakuhachi, shamisen, koto, African percussion, piano, and strings.Rea, and producer, Maura Blake Kelly understand and believe in the power of using live musicians for their film, so we will record the score live in the coming weeks to get it ready for the film festival circuit.  Looking forward to working with L.A. finest musicians on this score!Here's a brief synopsis of the film:Ekwueme (E.K.) is a West African immigrant who desperately needs money to bring his family safely to America. He gets a job as a handy-man, working for a very traditional and stoic Ensō Tanaka, who pays him handsomely for seemingly menial tasks.The two men begin to develop a bond that is put to the test when Ensō asks E.K. to help him commit harakiri: Japanese ritualistic suicide. E.K. must decide if he will fulfill Ensō's wish; a wish that goes against everything that E.K. believes in, but that will promise to bring him what he wants most in this world: his family.The film screens tonight 10 May 2013 at Dodge College at 6:30pm in Orange, CA.[facebook][retweet]