Score to 'MESSIAH'


Hey Everyone!Super excited to announce that I'm writing an original score to the horror/thriller, Messiah.Summary:"Messiah" tells the story of Courtney, who comes home on a seemingly normal day. Upon returning she has a mysterious visitor pandeling a religious organization. Courtney's day turns on end when she involuntarily finds herself in the middle of a dark and sinister secret.This film definitely reminds me of my childhood.  I literally grew up watching so many horror films.  The local video store (yep, VHS tapes!) would know me by name and I would come out of there with The Exorcist, The Omen, The Amityville Horror, and others.  It's an honor to be scoring a film from this genre and working with director, Mark Grabianowski.  Mark knows his material and I'm very happy and thankful to be collaborating with such a great talent.Stay up-to-date with the film score's progress by visiting my website, the Messiah Facebook page (click to LIKE the page!), or the Messiah website.Check out the trailer to Messiah below and feel free to share with your friends![retweet][facebook][twitter name="@nrepetto"]