Return from the ASCAP Expo in LA...and I miss it already!


Dear Friends,I just returned to Miami from a great ASCAP Expo in LA. It was my first time in California and Los Angeles, and I had an amazing time.  During the Expo, I met hundreds and hundreds of aspiring singer/songwriters, producers, composers, and a bunch of vendors selling everything from how to further your career to the latest in orchestral samples from London.There were some great panels dealing with music supervisors and how they use one's music in tv and film, a great panel on how to get started (and/or continue) writing jingles, film scoring feedback panel that allowed participants to receive feedback from top-tier composers in the industry.In addition to meeting some great expo participants, I also met some already established composers like God of War composer Gerard Marino, Trevor Morris, John Dickson, and Mark Isham.  All were great and provided great insight into the world of scoring for film, tv, and games.  My goal is to work with these gentlemen in the near the future.  Just have to keep on truckin'.In essence, I learned a lot from this trip.  I learned that I'm not alone in my pursuit of my musical endeavors, I learned that Los Angeles is a vibrant city full of great people, wonderful culture, and of course, the film/tv industry, and that I definitely want to move there as soon as possible!I also want to take this opportunity to thank my good friends Jamie Conviser, a high school piano/producer friend of mine that I have not seen since our college days.  Jamie is incredible - she was able to allow me to hear a recording at Capitol Records with the best string section in town.  Jamie now works for Disney.  It was a real treat and I'm so appreciative - thank you Jamie!!Bruce Kiesling is my good friend from college.  He's an amazing conductor for the LA Youth Symphony and other orchestras, pianist, and all-around great buddy!  We haven't seen each other in 10 years and when we met for dinner it's like no time has passed.  He is also a film composer, please check out his work by clicking here.Lastly, Sydney Guillaume is another college friend and amazing choral composer.  He receives worldwide commissions and travels literally, all the time, for his world premieres.  Click here to listen to Sydney's work.Thank you to all my friends and I can't wait to return to Los Angeles!Thanks for reading,- Nick[retweet][facebook]