One Warm Night, Episode 4 now airing on YouTube


I'm happy to announce that I am now scoring episodes of One Warm Night - a muder-who-dunnit/mystery under the direction of the wonderful, Steven G. Lowe.  Sean Michael Afable (Scorpion King, Akeelah and the Bee) also stars.  The show is loads of fun and fast-paced!  Make sure to share with your friends and subscribe to the show on Youtube by clicking here.



Plot Outline

A dark comedy, One Warm Night is “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” meets “12 Angry Men” meets “Clue”. A near-murder whodunit, involving a beautiful girl who invites her past boyfriends to reveal a life-changing secret. This unwitting group of misfits and oddballs find themselves caught in a game of cat-n-mouse as a plot to murder them all unfolds. But who is trying to kill them? Things heat up as a multitude of mysteries are revealed, leaving even the most aware guessing at what is truly “real” in the crazy twists and turns of One Warm Night.