'Gray' score completed, Messiah hits the film fests!


September has so far been filled with horror...scores!  The score to Gray, an indie horror feature film, was finished at the beginning of the month just in time to submit to ScreamFest in L.A. Director Michael Santana and I collaborated on a score that fused orchestral elements with newly created synth sounds that were inspired by the lead slasher. Gray tells the story of a group of strangers who embark upon a tour of the macabre, and visit vital locations of an infamous murdering spree. Once the tour progresses, history begins to repeat itself. 40+ minutes of score!  Looking forward to Gray making its rounds in the film festival circuit.Messiah is another screamer that just hit the film festivals starting with the Action on Film Festival.  The reviews for Messiah have been spectacular (especially about the score!) and clocking in at 9.5 minutes, this little film packs a lot of punch!  The score is largely orchestral and relies heavily on aleatoric devices + original sounds captured at a local junkyard to add to the religious/cult creep factor of the film.Here are some of the links to the reviews for Messiah:Highlight Hollywood - 'Messiah' reviewHorror Buzz - 'Messiah' reviewLastly, here's a track from a chase scene in Messiah: