FIRESTARTER for String Orchestra


Firestarter is a work that is based on humankind’s fascination with fire.  Like the piercing hot flames of a fire, young musicians should be encouraged to perform this piece with a strong, and fiery tone.  

The piece is constructed using a rhythmic canon that only uses quarter and half notes.  It might be helpful to clap out these rhythms and/or “shadow bow” the rhythms in order for the students to feel at ease with the moving lines, especially when there is a repeated bowing pattern (see m. 21 and mm. 31-34).The melody stays within the D Major scale and there is very little string crossing with a few exceptions in the lower strings.  Encourage your students to follow the contour of the lines to create musicality and phrasing whenever possible.In addition to the string parts, there is an optional Taiko/Bass Drum and Suspended Cymbal part for added interest and to create an even more fiery “tribal” experience.