DANSE DIABOLIQUE for String Orchestra


Danse Diabolique was born out of a love for syncopated music that makes one move and dance. The syncopated, driving rhythms are contrasted by lyrical lines played in the violin and viola sections. A rhythmic motive initiated by the viola and cello sections starts the diabolical journey of dance and lyricism. A contrasting lyrical B section, in 6/8, almost waltz-like, shows a softer side of this dance journey.Various tango elements are also found in this piece such as special effects like the glissandi in the cello section, and the chicharra played by the first violins. The chicharra should be played behind the bridge on the D string and very close to the tailpiece - this sound imitates the chicharra or cricket!


Recorded and performed by members of the
Spectrum Symphony of New York
David A. Grunberg, Conductor