Score to "Stacy's Best Day Ever" and "The Gray Sofa" Completed


This past weekend, I scored two films - a silly, hilarious comedy, and a psychological-thriller by two brilliant filmmakers, Sam Shaib and Mercedes San Roman.In Stacy's Best Day Ever, I had a chance to dust off my kazoos and play them, my violin, and a few other quirky instruments on this score - and had a great time making it work. It's all about creating something fresh and unique and make sure it works to picture. The writing, acting, and directing was perfectly in place, and it's one of Sam's best films to date. It will screen at USC this coming May 2015.In The Gray Sofa, Mercedes San Roman creates a story which deals with miscommunication, unrequited love, and insanity. For this score, we decided to use a minimal approach with solo piano and somber strings. The piano plays the chromatic motif signaling Elliot's insanity while the violins' countermelody (played as harmonics) prey (or play?) on Jane's innocence.As a composer, jumping from one genre is an important skill to have - this weekend's experience is no different. This was amazing experience in scoring two vastly different films on a tight deadline. Thanks again to Sam and Mercedes for being wonderful collaborators and for allowing me to contribute to your films.CHECK OUT HIGHLIGHTS FROM BOTH SCORES BELOW:[facebook][retweet]