Coyote score completed, Film and score receive stellar reviews


It's been an incredibly busy summer! I've had the good fortune of scoring a few short films back to back, so let's start with Coyote!Mark Grabianowski's Coyote is a thriller and is inspired by true events. Coyote introduces the viewer to the world of human trafficking through the life of a young woman who has escaped from her captors. In her struggle to reach the US boarder, she is confronted with a choice that could change her life forever.  The script was written by Mark Grabianowski in the summer of 2016. Pre-Production began in January of 2017 followed by a two day production in March 2017 and one pickup day in May. Coyote was Shot on location in the Mojave Desert of California.The score for Coyote needed to have grit and darkness to match the dark tone of the film, especially to amplify the fear and sheer terror felt by our female protaganist, Esperanza. There were also moments of intense emotion between Esperanza and her love interest, Marco -- these two characters had a distinct theme that represented their connection throughout the film. As the movie begins, we are introduced to Ramon and his thematic material is accompanied by the shrill screeches of synths, dark strings, and a percussive ostinato that terrorizes the characters on-screen.The film was recently reviewed through Highlight Hollywood. Tommy Lightfoot Garrett writes:"Coyote was filmed on location in the beautiful Mojave Desert of California.  The photography is exceptional, it captures the beauty and the danger of the desert, it also just seems to blend beautifully with the gripping story.  The musical composition is incredible, it is reminiscent of Hollywood’s Golden-era.  Everyone deserves kudos for a job well done."Wow, thank you, Mr. Garrett! You can read the entire film review here!Check out each of the cues below:[retweet][facebook]

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