2016 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival


Oh, what a lovely weekend!On Saturday, April 30th, the Helix Collective performed my score to Miranda, a short film by Laura Taylor, at the 2016 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival. The Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival features live music to picture. Winning filmmakers will have an original score composed for their short by a winning film composer. The film and score will be screened with the score performed live by the Helix Collective Film Scoring Ensemble. The screening will also include an interview with the filmmakers and composers and a Meet-and-Greet.  Brian Ralston, host, welcoming the audience to the 2016 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival at ArtShare LA on April 30, 2016.This year, Helix Collective collaborated with Art Share L.A. (a marvelous venue in Los Angeles's Arts District) and The Academy for Scoring Arts (a melting pot of L.A.'s professional film composers)!A little picture on the Red carpet before the 8pm premiere at ArtShare LA on April 30, 2016.It was an honor to be selected and be among so many creative and talented composers and filmmakers at this year's LALSFF.With Sarah Robinson, LALSFF producer and flutist with the Helix Collective, Art Share LA, April 30, 2016 A huge thank you to The Helix Collective, especially Sarah Robinson, Phil Popham, and Angel Velez for bringing my music to life, ASA's Del Engen, host Brian Ralston for welcoming us to this year's festival, and Laura Taylor for allowing me to write a score that expresses the emotions in MirandaRed carpet with Laura Taylor, director for Miranda. ArtShare LA, April 30, 2016. 

One final thanks to all the friends who came to support live film music. It is with your support that the art of live music performance will continue and win a place among the most revered and respected forms of audio-visual art.

Thank you all!

Nick-Miranda Intro Red Carpet fun with friends!  With friends and ready for the performance![facebook][retweet]